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A Modern Approach to Costs

Costs disputes can be expensive and time-consuming. Whatever your issue, and regardless of the size of the dispute, we can offer you a solution which will save time and money. We can even resolve disputes without the parties needing to draft a bill of costs.

Our panel of highly experienced costs lawyers and barristers have a wealth of experience and knowledge.

We have conducted high value and complex costs litigation across the courts and tribunals for many years. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with technical points of law relating to retainers, proportionality, hourly rates and costs management. Whilst we enjoy advocacy and have had much success with the detailed assessment procedure, the modern world requires a modern approach.

We offer solutions which can avoid detailed and unhelpful bills of costs, reduce repetitive and generic objections, and offer a robust and efficient resolution which enables the parties to move on.

Legal costs are a consequence of a dispute and should not be the focus of the dispute. Often there are one or two sticking points which prevent a settlement. Our aim is to help resolve these.

Paying Us

Your retainer will be either with Paragon Costs Solutions or the individual member of Guildhall Chambers. There is no retainer between you and Legal Costs Resolutions. See Legal Notice.

In the first instance our fees will be borne equally between the parties. In terms of who ultimately bears the costs, this can either be determined as part of the service or the parties can reach their own agreement.