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Alternative assessments

Imagine a resolution which does not require a bill of costs, points of dispute or replies. Imagine a procedure which is less than half the cost of a traditional assessment, but more than ten times quicker.

Welcome to an alternative assessment. We can assess the costs based on the time records and the file. We will go through the entire file and determine whether the costs have been reasonably incurred and are reasonable in amount. We will also consider proportionality, any costs management order and all the usual due diligence you would expect from a detailed assessment. The parties do not prepare a bill of costs, points of dispute or replies.

Please see an illustration below:

Step Traditional Approach Our Approach
Preparing a bill of costs 80,000 (total bill £150,000)  


Up to 3 months

Negotiations £1,000
Points of dispute  


Up to 21 days



Up to 21 days

Requesting a detailed assessment hearing  


Up to 6-9 months before being heard

Two-day detailed assessment hearing £6,000 per party N/A
Two-page position statement N/A £500 per party
Alternative assessment N/A £5,000

14 days



Up to 15 months



28 days

A modern approach to resolving costs disputes.

We also provide for an oral challenge to our alternative assessment. This would be heard by a separate assessor because we recognise that lawyers often do not change their minds. This is a separate paper exercise.

This service is compatible for those who want a quick and cost-effective resolution and where there are no major factual or legal disputes between the parties.