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Solicitor and Client

We understand that fee disputes between solicitors and clients can be a draining experience for all involved so we aim to offer an alternative to angry letters, threats to come off the record and staring across at your former solicitors/client in court.

Our alternative to a conventional detailed assessment offer clients an ideal way of scrutinising the fairness of their solicitors’ charges whether in terms of the reasonableness of the time spent, the level of fee earner engaged to undertake the work or whether the charges were properly authorised in advance.   The way in which we work mean that fee challenges can be resolved quickly and proportionately during as well as at the end of a case allowing solicitors and clients alike to keep their attention focussed of their common goals.

Our team are also able to offer neutral evaluations or binding expert determinations on generic points such as the effect of cost estimates, whether liability to pay under conditional or contingency fee agreements has been triggers and the appropriate level of success fees.  We can also assist in BTE funded cases with disputes over the distribution of litigation funding.

If you have a fee dispute that you need help resolving, let us know.